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Areas of Expertise

Parent Coaching

I've been there.  I'm ready to hear all about the hot mess in your home and how you're just ready to rip your hair out if there's one more fight, eye roll or missed homework assignment that suddenly becomes your problem.  

I provide 1:1 support to parents of kids of any age in weekly sessions and 24/7 phone/text access for package clients.  All initial consultations last 30 minutes and are free of charge.  

My Approach

There are four key pillars to successful skunk nugget parenting.  We assess the current function of your family system and each of the players in it.   From there, we work on specific skill development to make your parenting more effective, which will bring peace and serenity to your home and to your mind as you navigate the shenanigation of teenager parenting.  

Emotional Regulation
Healthy Detachment
Compassionate Approach
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My Approach
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