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Amanda Redwine

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Parent Coach,
Skunk Nugget Parenting Solutions

Parenting teenagers is hard, hard work, even with "perfect" kids, let alone rotten, skunk nugget teens.  We're not given a manual on how to handle these brain-half-cooked aliens living in our homes, but the fact that you're here says you want to make sure everyone gets out alive, and maybe even thrives!  I've been there.  Let me help restore sanity in your home and in your mind.  

Areas of Expertise

Parent Support and Coaching
Resource Referrals
Neurotypical and Atypical Profiles
Pathological Demand Avoidance Coaching
Executive Function Coaching

Skunk Nugget Parenting Solutions is here to serve your family's needs and can tailor a service plan to fit your situation.  All of our solutions include 24/7 phone and text access and weekly set appointment times convenient for your schedule.  All coaching is done virtually in the comfort of your home.  Come exactly as you are - that's how we like 'em! 

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Contact Me

Our first 30-minute consultation is free of charge.  Parent coaches are a lot like shoes - what fits and works for you might not fit someone else and that's perfectly ok.  We want you to get to know us before you commit to a coaching relationship that will deliver results for your family.  

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